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North West Regional Discussion 3 June 2020 onwards

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Nice and fresh on the tops with snow becoming powdery & forming a glaze layer. -2C at present.

About 2 inches now.. Never expected this. 

Looks like someone was looking for an argument in here (and in other parts of the forum as it goes), those posts have been removed now, so please refresh the screen if you still see them. 

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Goodness - all kicking off now in my part of Stockport - nr continuous thunder and now sheet lightening 

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1 hour ago, General Cluster said:

God, you make me sick, CS!?:oldlaugh:

Edit: That wasn't meant as an insult, BTW...it's just that I've nae seen a thundercloud since early April. And now you're stealing them all!:oldgrin:

Cheshire is the new storm allay dont you know.

Now then dont you go stealing my snow in January ??


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3 decent spells of thunderstorms from approx 4pm this afternoon - latest one the most impressive, frequent lightning strikes and thunderclaps.  Grass is going to be on growing steroids when the sun comes out tomorrow - feels like a rain forest atmosphere.

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