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May 2020 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 23.9°C (31st)

Min Temp: 2.3°C (12th)

Mean Max: 18.0°C

Mean Min: 8.5°C

Air Frosts: 0


Total: 0.8mm

Wettest Day: 0.4mm (1st)

Max Rain Rate: 1.2mm/hr (1st)

Rain Days: 3

Dry Days: 28


Highest: 1036.16 hPa (26th)

Lowest: 997.12 hPa (1st)


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Posted (edited)

Here are the preliminary figures for May 2020.

Avg max: 21.1c / Mean: 15.1c / Avg min: 9.1c

Abs max: 27.8c / Abs min: 2.3c

Precipitation: 2.0mm / Rain days: 1

Sunshine: 308.6 hours

An almost carbon copy of May 1989. It was the 4th warmest, the driest, 2nd sunniest May on record. It was also the 2nd sunniest month on record. The sunshine total ensures that spring 2020 narrowly overtakes 1990 as the sunniest spring on record (by 4 hours).

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May 2020; Redlynch, Wiltshire


Max Temp: 27.0°C (21st)

Min Temp: -0.2°C (12th)

Mean Max: 20.8°C

Mean Min: 6.6°C

Additional Stats

Air Frosts: 1

Days above 20°C: 16

Days above 25°C: 8

Days above 30°C: 0

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Sunny Sheffield

Average 12.8C +1.0C above normal.

Average Max 18.4C +1.9C above normal

Average low 7.2C +0.1C above normal.

Rainfall 5.4mm 9.4% of the monthly average

High max temp 26.9C on the 20th

Low max temp 9C on the 10th

Highest low 12.5C on the 22nd and 26th

Coldest night -0.6C on the 14th.

Wettest day 2.8mm on the 21st

High Gust 34mph on the 22nd

Highest average 8mph 2nd and 23rd.

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having looked through all the updated regional data series May 2020 may be the most statistically significant month in the entire catalogue bar December 2015 - the sunshine totals thrash any other month by unbelievable margins - even in the sunniest region on the south coast where 300 hours has been recorded before it increases the record by 30 hours. May never be beaten

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Here in Edmonton for May 2020..all in all a cooler and wetter month than normal 

Ave High = 16.9c  0.6 below normal

Ave Low = 2.6c  2.8c below normal

Mean Value = 9.8c  1.7c below normal 

Highest Max = 27.8c 30th

Lowest Min = -5.5c  2nd

Rainfall = 98mm 210% above normal

Snowfall = 2.5cm

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May - Hobart, Tasmania

A very dry month with a mean temperature anomaly of +0.1c compared to 1981-2010 or +0.5c compared to 1961-1990. It was the driest May for 12 years.

Mean maximum:  15.5  ( +0.4 )

Mean minimum:  7.5  ( -0.1 )

Rainfall:  16mm  ( average 47mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  5/from 11

A month dominated by high pressure with cold fronts cutting in from the west/south-west bringing quick rain, then only a shower or two. The wettest day was 6mm into the 3rd. A dusting of snow to about 1100m into the morning of the 3rd and 13th - a very poor showing for the month!  The second half of May was very dry with less than 1mm of rain.  A colder southerly flow developed behind a front and persisted for a few days as high pressure slowly approached from the west. Frost and sunshine followed on the 26th/27th then very mild as high pressure moved to the east bringing winds off the continent, with some cloud at times.

Extremes in daily temperature for May ( records since 1882 ) :

High max;  18.9.....29th  ( record 25.7 in 1997 )

Low max:  11.2.....25th  ( record 6.1 in 1921 )

High min:  11.1.....31st  ( record 16.2 in 2005 ) 

Low min:  0.9.....26th  ( record -1.6 in 1902 )

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Posted (edited)

May 2020: Tamworth, Staffordshire


Max Temp: 28.1c (20th)

Min Temp: -1.7c (12th)

Highest Min: 10.2c (19th)

Lowest Max: 9.6c (11th)

Mean Max: 19.9c

Mean Min: 5.3c

Mean: 12.6c


Total: 0.6mm

Wettest Day: 0.3mm (1st)

Rain Days: 2

Other Stats

Frosts: 2

Thunder Days: 0

Wind Gust Max: 42mph (22nd)

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Perth, Scotland 


Quite warm, dry and sunny.


May was overall quite a warm month by day with nights being slightly below average. Much of the first half was quite cool with the occasional warm day before a northerly blast bringing he Coldest May temperature in my area for at least 25 years before warming up in the second with the closing days being especially warm. Rainfall was below average although not exceptionally so despite only four rain days with half falling on one. Sunshine was also above average.



Mean maximum: 16.6.C (+1.1.C)

Mean minimum: 6.0.C (-0.3.C)

Mean: 11.3.C (+0.4.C)

Rainfall: 33mm (66%)

Sunshine: 220 hours (116%)


Highest maximum: 26.1.C (29th)

Highest minimum: 14.3.C (30th)

Lowest maximum: 9.4.C (10th)

Lowest minimum: -2.4.C (10th)

Rainiest day: 17mm (1st)

Sunniest day: 15.7 hours (29th)

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