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I've been using a Fine Offset weather station (a Maplin one, WH1050 or WH1080, picture attached) since 2014.

I can't recall the exact cost but it was around £100.

I suspect spares for this station will be harder to source in the future so I'm looking at a whole replacement in the near future.

Does anyone have recommendations for what's on the market these days and is similar to the Fine Offset one, both in terms of functionality and price (though I'd probably go higher, up to about £200)?




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i purchased on yesterday and arrived today 

from nevada Watson W8686

I will perhaps start a new thread with first impressions, already posted in another forum so just a cut and past


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8 hours ago, Wh 1050 said:

I failed miserably to register with cumulus. All I need to know is how to obtain min and max temps and reset them! B. A. 

Need a bit more info to help you my friend!

What model of weather station are you using and so on?

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