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Rainfall stats since mid March - very dry theme

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After months of very wet conditions, culminating in the exceptionally wet February, since mid March there has been below average rainfall preety much everywhere, only near average in some central south parts of England.

In the Lake District, river levels have been exceptionally low for a good 5-6 weeks now. I can't remember the last truly wet day, probably before mid- March. Most rain that has fallen has been fairly light stuff, with just the occasional moderate burst thanks to weak frontal activity. Any showers that have developed have been shortlived and not packed much of a punch. With very little rain forecast on the horizon for quite some time, I wonder whether we are looking at one of the driest mid March-mid May periods on record.

Not sure what has happened to the atlantic at present - there has been a complete absence of westerly airstreams since Mid March, anyone enlighten me on why it is so quiet? Not complaining, as it has been the tonic during these very trying past few weeks. It is beginning to feel like April - June 2018 here, which was also exceptionally dry, but the difference between then and now, is the heat hasn't yet built up, and importantly it came on the back of a much drier winter.

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