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I got a weather station which is WS3500

it says it can be setup with wow met office 

is there a software you can put ip in and on raspberry pi 


can really find any sites that tell you how to do it 


that why I use this forms 


hope this helps 

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Hi Oliver, 

So to answer your questions..

To get the weather data posted to WOW you will need to register with the Metoffice and follow the instructions in the manual. The WS3500 manual can be found here:

http://www.ecowitt.com/upfile/202005/HP3500 Manual.pdf

To be able to read the station weather on a device like a Raspberry Pi you will need software to run on the Pi. A good example of this is CumulusMX

However in order to read your external sensor data you will need an additional device called a Ecowitt GW1000. The GW1000 will read your sensor data and allow it upload like your console but it itself maybe read by software like CumulusMX on a Pi or on a PC.

This allows you to make a website and create a database of your weather data. The Pi cannot read the data from the WS3500 which is why you need a GW1000.

Hope that helps, not confuses!

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