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Just sticking this astonishing GOES snapshot from the NOAA in here. If there were anymore in the Atlantic we'd have to start to dob them in for breaking "the rule of six"!  

Moving across to the Indian Ocean and a worrying disturbance has formed over the Bay of Bengal. With SSTs much above the average at 31C and low wind shear I fear this will be a bad one. The hot SSTs a

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6 hours ago, The Eagle said:

All ground to a halt in the Atlantic. No zones of interest and no new development for at least the next 5 days.

Lets hope it hasn't burned itself out after all the activity so far!

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10 hours ago, karyo said:

The tropics still look sleepy.

Too much activity so far has led them to crash and burn?! 😱

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Tropical Storm Gamma has formed near the Yukatan, will present no threat before it gets sheared to death. 

The next wave may form earlier and is at 80%. 

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1 hour ago, Had Worse said:

image.thumb.png.92370b397adf3d068f639f4ffcf3d6d5.png Plenty of Greek letters to eat up. Can we get past Zeta?

It'd be crazy if we got to Pi and it turned out to be an annular hurricane. 

In all seriousness, I think we could get past Zeta.

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Gamma is floating around the Bay Of Campeche more or less stalled but currently at 60mph. 

The season has also breached the above average mark for ACE.

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