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Monday 6th April weather observations

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Light overnight rain and dry and warm

Temp 10.5C, low 9.8C, Barometer 1007mb rising rapidly, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall 0.4mm

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A mild and cloudy night with intermittent rain during the early hours of  this morning. A clearance arrived from the west by 0730 g.m.t and it's now dry and quite warm with sunny periods.

At 0800 g.m.t

Temp; 10.2c

24 hr max; 17.3c

24 hr min; 8.4c

Grass min; 7.4c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 1.0 mm

Mean wind speed; 17 mph SW

4 oktas Ac and St fractus

Vis; 50 km.

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Monday 06th April 2020


Turning cloudy overnight. A short spell of light rain towards dawn. Broken cloud followed after daybreak with the odd short light shower. Sunny spells developing towards mid morning.


24-hour maximum 19.4c

24-hour minimum 9.9c

Minimum temperature on grass 9.0c

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 25.6mph ESE

Rainfall total: 0.0mm 


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


3 Oktas Cumulus humilis.

Visibility >10 miles.

Temperature: 12.2c

Humidity 78.6%

Wind Direction: W Force 4

Barometer 1014.1mb rising.




Clear spells overnight, dry. Sunshine turning hazy through the morning as a vale of Cirrostratus spread from the south west. Further hazy sunny spells through the day, dry, warm for April, though the fresh ESE wind took the edge off the temperature.

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Mild overnight with some light rain. Dry with sunny spells so far today.

Current Temp: 14.1c

Overnight Low: 8.9c

Winds: W at 10 to 15 mph

Rainfall: 0.3mm

Pressure: 1016.9mb

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Warm with Sunny spells and light winds

Temp 14C, Barometer 1011mb rising rapidly, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall 0.4mm

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A warm day the afternoon seeing light showers

Max temp 14.5C, now 14.3C, Barometer 1015mb rising rapidly, Wind F3 WNW, Rainfall 0.4mm

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A couple of light showers early this afternoon but the rest of the day was dry and breezy with sunny spells.

At 1700 g.m.t

Temp; 11.5c

Max today; 14.6c

Min last night; 8.4c

Grass min; 7.4c

Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; Trace

Sunshine today; 6.80 hrs

Mean wind speed; 13 mph W

Highest gust today; 42 mph SW at 1146

1 okta Cu humilis

Vis; over 80 km.

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Light rain early morning then dry and mild with sunny spells. Maximum 16.7, minimum 11.9. Wind light W.

Yesterday: dry, sunny, breezy and very warm for April. Maximum 21.4, minimum 5.8. Wind moderate SE.

Saturday: dry with sunny spells after a cloudy start. Maximum 16.2, minimum 2.9. Wind light S.

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Warm with sunny spells and the odd light shower in the afternoon, breezy at times. Mostly clear skies this evening.

Current Temp: 5.3c

Max Temp: 16.8c

Winds: WSW and variable

Rainfall: 0.3mm

Pressure: 1027.4mb

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Maybe wrong thread sorry but any lightning observations this evening ?

Something lit up ensuite bathroom window just like lightning 30 mins ago. A set of very bright flashes - whiter than white colour. Exactly like lighting

Checked weather radar nothing and checked lightning detectors nothing

Can't hear any cars outside or people out and about and car lights are too too low to light up window. In fact it's near silent out there

No street light that way either from the direction and angle it seemed to come from its just sky that direction

Didn't seem like a torch as it flashed in a non linear way

Just wondered if anyone else seen anything. I'm in East Essex

The only two things I could think of both extremely unlikey is some sort of dry lightning or a meteor ?

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