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March 2020; Redlynch, Wiltshire


Max Temp: 16.2°C (24th)

Min Temp: -1.1°C (6th)

Mean Max: 11.2°C

Mean Min: 2.5°C

Additional Stats

Air Frosts: 4

Days above 20°C: 0

Days above 25°C: 0

Days above 30°C: 0

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At Woodland Garden Sheffield

Max: 16.5°C

Avg Max: 10.9°C

Average: 7.0°C

Average Min: 3.2°C

Min: -1.5°C

Rain: 31mm

Frost Days: 2

Snow Days: 0

Thunder Days: 0


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March 2020 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 14.4°C (26th)

Min Temp: -0.4°C (6th) 

Mean Max: 10.8°C

Mean Min: 4.5°C

Air Frosts: 1


Total: 43.8mm

Wettest Day: 18.0mm (5th)

Max Rain Rate: 15.6mm/hr (2nd)

Rain Days: 15

Dry Days: 16


Highest: 1038.95 hPa (29th)

Lowest: 982.27 hPa (2nd)


Days with snow falling: 0

Days with snow lying: 0

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March 2020: Tamworth, Staffordshire


Max Temp: 19.1c (25th)

Min Temp: -3.6c (6th)

Highest Min: 8.9c (10th)

Lowest Max: 6.0c (5th)

Mean Max: 11.4c

Mean Min: 1.9c

Mean: 6.6c


Total: 29.5mm

Wettest Day: 7.9mm (9th)

Rain Days: 14

Other Stats

Frosts: 8

Ice Days: 0

Snow Falling: 1

Snow Lying: 0

Thunder Days: 0

Wind Gust Max: 52mph (11th)

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Here In Edmonton Alberta

Ave High -2.3c 

Ave Low -14.9c

Mean -8.6c

Highest Temp +6.3c (27th)

Lowest Temp -31.4c (15th)

Snow fall 26.2cm

Days of snow falling 13

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2 hours ago, cheeky_monkey said:

Here In Edmonton Alberta

Have you had a warmer than average month yet?

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27 minutes ago, Styx said:

Have you had a warmer than average month yet?

good question..i had to look back to confirm..the last above average month was January 2019 which was +2c above normal..then i have to go back to May 2018 for the next above average month..they are the only above average months in the last 2 years.

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 Cantley monthly data for March 2020

March had just about average temperatures but with more frosts than usual (7 and 9 (4 and 10). More frosts than the meteorological winter months just passed. A dry month also with less than average rainfall, only the 2nd such in the last 7 months.

Mean T=7.5 (7.3)

Avge Max=11.9 (11.1) with the highest daytime value 18.2 (25) which is the highest since 23 September last year.; the coldest day was 5 th with 8.2

Avge Min=3.0 (3.5) My coldest night gave -3.4 (23), the coldest since 3 February 2019! And the warmest night 10.8 (10th)

Rainfall totalled 15.2 (34.8); the wettest day gave 3.6 (12) with 12 days with 0.2 mm or more and 6 with 1.0 or more.

No snow or hail with 2 9am fog and no thunder

There were 7 (4) air frosts and 9 (ground frosts (10)

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March - Hobart, Tasmania

This was the wettest March in 17 years taking a small bight out of the building rainfall deficit. It was the first wetter than average month since August and only the second wetter than average month out of the last 15 months. This was the coolest March in 5 years with a mean anomaly of -0.4c below 1981-2010 or -0.3c below 1961-1990.

Mean maximum:  20.0  ( -0.3 )

Mean minimum:  10.9  ( -0.5 )

Rainfall:  72mm ( average 44mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  8/from 10

Autumn starts wet with tropical moisture and a decaying ex-cyclone streaming across the country from the Indian Ocean, combining with cold fronts moving in from the west. 17mm on the 2nd, 13mm on the 5th and 25mm on the 6th were the month's biggest daily falls,  followed by a colder change on the 7th with a few showers ( 3mm ). A dry, cool  recovery with southerly winds ahead of an approaching high from the west, then briefly warmer as high pressure moved to the east, ahead of another front. The second half of the month was often cloudy with regular fronts moving in from the Southern Ocean -  scattered showers, mainly over the mountain, in a fairly weak westerly flow, but briefly warm and sunny at the end.  This month had 10 days with precipitation,  8 days having 1mm or more.

Extremes in daily temperature for March ( records since 1883 ) :

High max:  27.3.....17th  ( record 39.1 in 2019 )

Low max:  14.1.....8th  ( record 8.9 in 1925 )

High min:  15.4.....6th  ( record 21.1 in 1906 )

Low min:  5.3.....26th ( record 1.8 in 1926 ) 

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