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Storm Ciara - Atlantic storm 3

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A surfer missing in Sussex has been found alive. Great. Now they can send the moron a bill for the callout for his stupidity.  

You wont be lurking much longer if you are up on a roof tommorow 

Even doors are getting windy ?  

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5 minutes ago, matty40s said:

I've been told off for being a geek....(again)

Finished now ? been great..... what we supposed to watch now ?

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1 minute ago, Thunder Snow said:

Thankfully the defences have held for carlisle and the rivers seem to be peaking. Metoffice seriously underestimated the rain

And overestimated the wind in some areas...

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NUmerous Flood warnings and alerts, two severe warnings for north Wales, one for North Yorkshire. More heavy showers to come today and further coastal flood risk as Atlaqntic swell picks up for new week. 




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8 minutes ago, tomp456 said:

The squall line doesn’t want to move closer to me.....the downs is killing it

no. the pressure system is now moving in an easterly direction hence the bands are now moving in a more east to west.
bloody annoying though. its going to be close whether it even skims us both in our towns. grrr!

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Certainly a lot of water coming off the Lake District


Hi-def webcam at Lazonby offering up to the second live imagery on River Eden. With regular river reports from the area, and an extensive...


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3 hours ago, Mapantz said:

I'm currently pricing up gravel boards, concrete posts and close board panels, so you can guess what's happened here..

Sorry to hear that, we came out unscathed all the way around, no complaints though...

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