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Portugal Storm Elsa UK - Wet and windy spell for UK/Ireland mid December

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The Met Office has a yellow warning for wind from 2pm Wednesday to 3am Thursday,

Strong winds likely to bring some disruption during Wednesday afternoon and overnight.


What to expect
Some coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities are likely to be affected by spray and/or large waves, especially for south and southeast facing coastlines.
Some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely
Delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges likely
Some short term loss of power and other services is possible


The South coast of Ireland is already seeing high gusts some over 50mph and Buoy 62023 has had gusts over 70mph.

A look at the ECM gusts charts,

6pm gusts between 60 and 70mph around Irelands coasts along the South and East. The South West of England, West of Wales and South West of Scotland seeing gusts around 50 to 60mph.


9pm the low pressure begins to move North the strongest gusts will be along the West coast of Ireland where 65 to 75mph is likely and possibly reaching 80mph in exposed parts. The South West of England and the West of Wales still staying windy gusts over 50mph. Along the South and East coasts of Ireland and the South West of Scotland seeing gusts around 60mph.


12am The winds will start to ease off for the South and East of Ireland along with the South West of England and the West of Wales. The Northern Parts of Ireland will have gusts around 60 to 70mph with 80mph still being possible in the exposed locations. Across the South West and West of Scotland see's an increase in wind speeds reaching between 50 and 60mph.


Between 12am and 6am the wind will ease off over Northern Ireland and Southern parts of Scotland. The Western Isles of Scotland will be the windiest with gusts between 60 and 70mph however over 70mph is possible there.


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Named storm from IPMA
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The wet and windy weather for 18th 19th December is linked to a low pressure which has been named by the IPMA< the Portuguese Met Service, who run a named storm project with AEMET (Spanish) and Meteo France. Storm Elsa, is already bringing heavy rain to NW Iberia.

Met Eireann mention this in their text about their Orange warning (which would have prompted a name "Brendan" under usual circumstances)

Status Orange - Wind warning for Cork

A small deepening depression, associated with the Atlantic storm system Elsa, will track northwards close to the Atlantic seaboard this evening. Strong southerly winds veering southwest

Mayo Donegal and Western Isles look exposed tonight on UKV



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Various wind and rain warnings tonight for western Europe from this low. 

Portugal Red rain warning in north. Wind, waves and rain warnings for NW Spain. Orange warning for wind for Cork.

Wind and Rain warnings from UK Met Office 


Wet and windy weather for the UK tonight linked to Storm Elsa over Spain and Portugal. Then milder conditions but more rain as flood concerns return in time for the big Christmas getaway.





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High gusts reported from the Western Isles earlier this morning with 70mph at Tiree, 75mph for South Uist and 82mph for the Isle of Barra I'm surprised these parts didn't get a warning for wind.

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