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Jo Farrow

UK Snow questions for the rest of 2019

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Will it snow, will we get a White Christmas, will it snow on the General Election Day and will there be another Beast from the East?
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Please Helpppp! i'm worried and my elderly neighbours are frankly terrified! However all fears can be soothed if you can confirm that the advice in your article will more times than not, many more times most likely, hold true.

What caused the panic? well i attach a picture of headlines from one newspaper over the last couple of days. I'm not asking you to comment on that particular paper, (i'm just using it as a prime example of what one sees nowadays), so all i ask is am i wise to run to check Netweather and it's contributors whenever i see panic inducing headlines in the general media?

While i am joking that i personally am scared, there are many people out there, including vulnerable, elderly and mobility restricted who suffer genuine fear and unease at the prospect of severe weather and it's many debilitating consequences for them.

Got to admit though with them actually mentioning, in effect quoting?, Netweather TV in one of those articles i have waited to check Netweather a few hours for any delayed warnings of a Dual December Doomsday.



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