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December 2019 C.E.T. and EWP forecast contests -- start of the 2019-2020 competition year

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According to the table of entries, this would be the top ten in CET scoring for December. List includes their EWP forecasts if they made one.  _ (number in brackets is order of entry ... with equ

On behalf of J10 and myself, welcome to another new competition year with the winter season of 2019-20 fast approaching. The contests will include the CET forecast and the (still optional) EWP forecas

5.8 confirmed.  (disappointed that they rejected 5.9, thought maybe we had it finally)

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Welcome aboard various newbies and lost part-timers from the mists of time ...

... I foresee a mild-dominated month after this first few days of cold, so will be going with 6.4 and 77.8 mm as the first half won't produce much, getting more active by Christmas-New Years. Severe cold is probably coming at some point, just don't think it will be this month aside from 1st to 3rd running perhaps 1.5 to 2.0. (that means I am actually saying 7.0 for the rest of the month to get to 6.4). Hate to bring up this analogue but it looks a bit like Dec 2006 which I think had a few cold days and a lot of milder ones. However 1794 is also a good pattern match for the autumn and this December so there is that. 

(note -- the usual table of entries will appear but it may be a few hours after midnight as I won't even get started on it until then, in my time zone it's just noon and we're headed out for the day).

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Changing mine please, i was going to wait for table to see which numbers had fewest entries but i will go.

4.6c please but sticking with my original 88.3 rainfall.

Final entry definite now - sorry for the inconvenience of changing.

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A mixed December ahead, fluctuations between cold, average and mild. Safest bet is something very close to average, so will go with 4.9 degrees. Chance this could be 1 degree lower if we see a colder end, lots of frost and slow moving fog. Northern half of UK could see quite a bit of cold weather generally with some snow about.


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