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October 2019 C.E.T. and EWP contests

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If 10.0 is confirmed, then the top scoring CET forecasts will be these: 1. Brmbrmcar (10.0, entry 28) 2. Roger J Smith (10.0, entry 32) 3. weather-history (10.0, entry 32) 4. Feb19

October 2019 First proper below average Month for a long time - just in time for the run in to Winter....

November 1919 was a really cold one in Scotland. A mean of 1.1C 

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10.1c please - unsure of EWP yet but will add that before the 1st if thats ok, not 100% that that is my final CET yet but thought i would better get something up else everything low will soon be gone given the cold start to the months looking likely, it doesn't matter about forecasting early so much with EWP because its easier to make them more unique without sacrificing going for something you think will happen quite so much.

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October is a rapidly cooling month, first frosts and snowfall on higher ground can be a common feature, conversely it can bring fine benign spells with mild pleasant conditions.

The start of the month at least looks quite chilly, and the atlantic will be active, but we will also see quite strong heights to the north. 

I'm expecting a varied month, with some very wet weather at times, a possible storm or two interspersed with some quieter conditions with frost and sunshine, and also northerly incursions. Not expecting a mild month, something close to average, with a bias towards cooler conditions outweighing any milder periods - a cool 10.1 degrees.

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