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South East and East Anglia Weather Discussion Sept 2019 onwards

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Dunstable got a good snow cover but melted in the afternoon. Hills around the area did ok. I drove to the highest point in the Chiltrens to have my snow fix. Some photos from Wendover Wood this mornin

Shower cloud lit up nicely by the low sun earlier this evening north of Heathrow where I work.

Nice bit of snow here this morning, so that means it won’t go down as one of the worst winters I can remember but only by the skin of its teeth . Photos below ?

Posted Images

It was a bit chilly out.

So my longer grey puffer had an outing as well as some new grey cold weather boots. 

Lovely to see the frost, probably the only white stuff we shall see this month. Bubs said it looked like snow.



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Now that's more like it! Proper winters day. Everything white and sparkly this morning and beautiful blue skies.

Fog warning out for tomorrow morning...take care peoples!

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Met Office warning for FOG Tuesday morning, inlcuding freezing fog. Fill up your windscreen liquid. High pressure managing to keep southern Britain dry, clear and still nippy with light winds until later Thursday

"Fog or freezing fog is likely to lead to some travel disruption on Monday night and Tuesday morning."

MO "Although not all areas will be affected, fog and freezing fog patches, some dense with visibility less than 100 metres, are expected to develop during Monday night and persist into Tuesday morning. Fog patches will tend to lift and clear from most places during Tuesday morning but some places may well hang onto grey and misty conditions for much or all of the day."


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Temp in free fall here 1.7C already 

Hoping for -4c tonight maybe -5c at the bottom of the valley in the frost Hollows ( Fawkham Green )

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4 minutes ago, Badgers01 said:

Really lovely day today in N Surrey frost lasted all day in the shade which is unusual !! Already down to 0c 





Lovely pics ??

Yes, great early winter day, hope there are plenty more like it over the next 3 months.

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For the record, November in the East:

  • Coldest November since 2016 (-0.6°C)
  • Wettest November since 2015 (114%)
  • Dullest November since 2015 (84%)
  • The rainfall deficit for the past 12 months is 19mm. The deficit for the past 3 years is 142mm.


Stats and chart courtesy of Dan Holley, Weatherquest. Twitter @danholley_

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You know it’s been a cold day when the frost has stayed in areas that haven’t had access to the sun!already -0.1 here in Locksbottom and looks like being a cold one tonight.Just had a read of NW Winter forecast and pretty much follows most LRFs in that we can expect a milder than average winter for this part of the world.that is not to say we won’t have cold snaps and chance of snow.I am hoping for the forecast of that University(can’t remember which one) that think January and February could be cold with temperatures like 2012/13.I am in 2 minds what this winter holds for the South East.It has been a strange year this year and there are a few factors in our favour like solar minimum,southerly jet stream and a continuation(on the whole of -NAO for last 4-6 months).But on the other side you have virtually all the main models going for a mild winter-can they be all wrong?its possible but unlikely.The one thing that could be a wild card is an SSW which could put a spanner in the works and if this occurs in next couple weeks it could change complexion of January and February.All fascinating stuff and apologies if in wrong thread but just wanted to put my thoughts in the SE thread which is a Fab thread ?

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57 minutes ago, Dami said:

The sky a little while ago, picture doesn't do it justice.


Winter 2019.jpg

Was this in the afternoon or evening? Because I took this photo this morning.


Despite the poor quality of my phone, the photo once again doesn't do its justice.

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Hey! I had an absolutely spectacular night of stargazing! My expectations were high, but that just exceeded them by a mile.

When we arrived, I knew it was going to be something special; We parked near a small café on the clifftop, and Instantly noticed just how quiet and desolate it was. We made our way down some steps to the beachfront, in near total darkness.

When We made it down, I was greeted with a dazzling array of stars; Thousands upon thousands of them, spilling across the night sky like glitter. My breath was taken away immediately. We set up our deck chairs, and got comfortable. It was just sublime. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but when you’re alone in a place as quiet as this was, it becomes unnervingly easy to convince yourself that no other human exists. It felt like a surreal kind of deep fever dream, one of those truly unforgettable ones that remain vivid as time passes. I also managed to spot 7 shooting stars in process!

It was cold, too! And lucky, no fog came and encroached upon the display.

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18 hours ago, Steve Murr said:

-2c here this morning.

Popped in my Mums today - found this. Its approx 30 years old.



Hi Steve,

That's ironic. Back in the 1990's, suffering from M.E., kept me off work. My first Wife Jackie,had been diagnosed with the genetically inherited and terminal illness, Huntington's Disease in Oct.1987. Her condition became worse, so I couldn't continue to work and had to stay home to look after my Wife.

To "while away" time, between giving my Wife "Personal Care" (there wasn't the help in those Days from Social Services, as there is today), I kept a "Winter Weather" Diary.

I would record the Weather on BBC1 at 1.27, after the Lunchtime News. I would then "freeze-frame" the Forecast at the point where a Synoptic Map was shown for the N.E.Atlantic/N.W.Europe and draw a representation of it, into my Daily Weather Report. That sight of a VHS Tape, brought back many memories.

When I first joined NW in Jan.2005, one of the highlights of the "build-up" to every Winter, was your "Ode to Winter".I looked forward to it, every Year. Do you remember those Days?

I also remember your "one off", Winter Magazine. You kindly asked if you could reproduce a "Snow Chase" account, that I'd Posted on the S.E.Thread, back in around 2005.

It was of a "Snow Chase" to my favourite Venue, that of Capel-le-Ferne, high on the E.Kent Downs between Dover and Folkestone. It was after a 36 hour ThunderSnow "Streamer" had affected that part of East Kent. I'd heard about the copious amounts of Snow that had fallen there, from Philip Eden's (R.I.P.) Weather slot, on L.B.C.Radio.

The Snow fell during the 7th/8th Feb.1983, I hastily booked a Day off work on Thurs.10th Feb. The mild early Winter of 1982/83. took an abrupt turn, especially in East Kent.

A low tracked S.E down the N.Sea, settled over N.Italy and the wind turned into the N/N.E. See Synoptic Charts below:

                MON.7th FEB.1983                                          TUES.8th FEB.1983

image.thumb.png.3943b0bd7c3507ed1c49b8019011a73f.png           image.thumb.png.27e463e2620ce59d1289d0127727b6a6.png

  I took my First Wife (who was 3 to 4 Months pregnant, with our Daughter) and our Son Antony, who was a Month short of his 2nd Birthday. To this Day, I can't believe I put them through such an ordeal. We took a train from Bromley South (In the extreme N.W. of Kent, we'd only had a dusting of Snow but in an up to then, mild Winter, my "thirst" for a bit of the White Stuff", hadn't been quenched!!). We got off the train at Dover Priory and walked down to the Sea Front, with my Son in a buggy, through a few Inches of Snow. The Snow was lying right down on the "beach", with waves from the English Channel, lapping over it. A very strange sight. But I wanted more and decided on a trip up to Capel-le-Fene. We took the Bus from Dover Bus Station,, I can vividly remember the Bus Drivers look, when I asked for, "Two to Capel-le-Ferne, please". He replied, "Are you sure you want to go up there, with a buggy. Do you know how deep the Snow is up there?" I replied, "Yes, that's why I want to go".

As the Bus climbed out of Dover towards Capel, the extent of the heavy Snowfall became evident. I coudn't believe that Bromley was located in the same County, as this place. We arrived at Capel and got down from the Bus and promptly landed i 6 inches of Snow. The buggy remained folded and I had to carry my 2 Year Old Son (my penance for such a "whacky" idea). My poor, pregnant Wife struggled through the deep Snow but she didn't complain at all.Bless her!! The amount of Snow we witnessed was incredible, with huge drifts. This area is littered with Cliff Top Bungalows and the Snow had drifted up to the eaves, of the Bungalows. We came across some Residents who were Snow clearing. They said the Snow set in virtually continuously for around 36 hours and was accompanied at times, by some huge cracks of thunder. Indeed a few properties between Folkestone and Deal, were struck by lightning during that potent East Kent Streamer.

Myself, Wife and Son then went to grab some Fish and Chips, down in Folkestone, before boarding a Train back to Bromley South. We even saw a little more falling Snow, just before the Train pulled into Maidstone East, caused by a trailing Front, off the Coast of Norway:

            THURS.10th FEB.1983


We got back home, to some slushy falling Snow.

An amazing "Snow Chase" Day but I freely admit, a  deeply flawed decision on my part, to put my pregnant Wife through that ordeal and caused by my obsession with Snow, at that time!!


Tom.   :hi:


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