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South East and East Anglia Weather Discussion Sept 2019 onwards

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Went out to get the washing in, mindful of the unelectrified disappointment of rain blob heading this way, and saw lots of elevated lightning!

Must be some 30/40 miles away from that lot heading into Essex but it’s putting on quite a show for SE Kent! I tried to highlight roughly where I’m situated on the pic below with the blue dash on the map..


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Dunstable got a good snow cover but melted in the afternoon. Hills around the area did ok. I drove to the highest point in the Chiltrens to have my snow fix. Some photos from Wendover Wood this mornin

Shower cloud lit up nicely by the low sun earlier this evening north of Heathrow where I work.

Nice bit of snow here this morning, so that means it won’t go down as one of the worst winters I can remember but only by the skin of its teeth . Photos below ?

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So frustrating all day Dartford/Gravesend missed the storms firstly to our East then to.our South and Southwest and now to our North 🙈 literally have the biggest storm shield in NW Kent! it reminds me of the winter seeing all that lovely  snowy convection going on Chelmsford Northwards or Medway Eastwards and nothing down here😭😭😭 I can see the distant flashes less than 15miles away! I seem to say the same thing every year 90% the time the storms seem to stay north of the thames mid Essex Northwards and Westwards in summer I've noticed! Always looking North with envy. And then there's also the Kent clipper ones which never reach North and West of Maidstone usually!

Screenshot_20200813-223736_Samsung Internet.jpg

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2 hours ago, Number 23 said:

One heavy shower this morning with a few rumbles, but nothing since. 

Seems like an age since we had a decent storm here in Essex. Would've thought we'd be nailed on for it given the past week! 

Almost every year Essex seems to get decent storm's im always looking over the thames in envy!

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Just seen lightning! Essex and Hertfordshire area is looking interesting tonight. Fair amount coming this away as well. This stormy spell has favoured the Midlands, Wales and North West. Nice to see our area getting some storms.

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