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South East and East Anglia Weather Discussion Sept 2019 onwards

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Dunstable got a good snow cover but melted in the afternoon. Hills around the area did ok. I drove to the highest point in the Chiltrens to have my snow fix. Some photos from Wendover Wood this mornin

Shower cloud lit up nicely by the low sun earlier this evening north of Heathrow where I work.

Nice bit of snow here this morning, so that means it won’t go down as one of the worst winters I can remember but only by the skin of its teeth . Photos below ?

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1 hour ago, Blazerblue said:

23c to me is warm, but then the locals this way think I’m barmy when I go walking my dogs at 0c without a coat on, in fact it’s been commented that they know it must be flippin cold if I’ve actually put a coat on 🤣  just not a heat person, whereas my family are all sun worshipers and will merrily sit for hours in blazing 30c and my sister has been complaining it’s been cold and putting blankets on her bed overnight this week. Think I must have been adopted from a village of eskimos 🤪

Must be my Barbadian blood, my father was the same - impervious to British summers! 

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41 minutes ago, Bazza118 said:

Mostly inter cloud lightening that is hardly visible except for one fork lightening over to my west possible near Chipstead. Still no rain yet but very humid and lots of thunder. 

The rain has just stopped here, our road which is a dead end was flooding very quickly! 

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16 minutes ago, Mark wheeler said:

Lots of loud Thunder but no Rain , It’s just missed us again by a whisker like last week .

Same, it ducked south of here in the end. It seems to have been the French storms that made it across this time. Hope it doesn't kill of the heat for the storms that were forecast for later. 

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1 minute ago, Reefseeker said:

Same, it ducked south of here in the end. 

Yep , Meant to say yesterday not last week . Got some light rain in the end for a few minutes but nothing significant. Let’s hope we get one later .

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New to the forum although posted a few times on the convective thread. What a different day to yesterday in herts. Dull and humid. Its amazing that this clag from the north sea can penetrate so far inland given time of year.

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Now in Benfleet, well there is some heat still left in this spell. 29c here, which feels oppressive with the humidity.

Inmust feel sorry for those further north and west, that NE wind has yet again delivered far more cloud than any model had predicted. I really hope the cloud amounts will decrease.

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Afternoon all,

I hope Malcolm doesn't mind, as the Thread is busy with the interesting Weather around our Region, at the moment but would like to return briefly to my comment about "A" Level results.

Although it's not Weather related, it is pertinent to the South East Regional Thread, I will reveal why in a moment,

I'm a really proud Great Uncle Tom, this Afternoon.

Just heard that my Great Niece, got an A * in Art, and an A in both Film and Geography.

Here she is below, with her amazing Painting of Chartwell House, near Westerham:

image.thumb.png.59e362a262050209b5cec33cbeebbd1b.png - next to it, an image of the real thing - image.png.54f61a1c0c86bba3e2df49a0f09e700e.png

I think you'll admit, not a bad likeness.

She certainly doesn't get that talent from her Great Uncle. I can't Paint or Draw, for "toffee".

She did the Painting as a present for her Grandfather's (my Brother-in-Law), 70th Birthday.

My Brother-in-Law does volunteer work at Chartwell, taking visitors around the Family Home of Winston Churchill.

No surprise to me, with that standard of work, that she achieved an A*.


Tom. :hi: 

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