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August 2019 Stats

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August 2019 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 27.7°C (24th)

Min Temp: 9.4°C (21st)

Mean Max: 20.8°C

Mean Min: 14.0°C

Air Frosts: 0


Total: 33.2mm

Wettest Day: 11.6mm (16th)

Max Rain Rate: 36.2mm/hr (11th)

Rain Days: 12 

Dry Days: 19


Highest: 1027.50 hPa (21st)

Lowest: 997.29 hPa (10th)


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Funny old month with a very warm start this cancelled out by a cold run which brought temperatures down to average. A five day hot spell that pushed the average back up over 17C

Average temp 17.1C +0.8C Average High 21.5C +0.7C Average low 12.7C +0.9C above average.

Rainfall 71.1mm 107.6% of the monthly average

Highest Daily rainfall 22.4mm 16th

Hi Max 30.4C, Low Max 16C, Hi Min 15.5C, Low Min 9.1C on the 25th, 16th, 10th, and 12th

Highest Gust 45mph, On the 10th

Average gust 24.9mph

High Wind speed 13 mph

Average wind speed 5 mph

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August 2019; Redlynch, Wiltshire


Max Temp: 31.5°C (25th)

Min Temp: 9.3°C (20th / 29th)

Mean Max: 23.1°C

Mean Min: 12.7°C

Air Frosts: 0


Days above 20°C: 29

Days above 25°C: 8

Days above 30°C: 2

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August - Hobart, Tasmania

A wet month with heaps of snow on the mountain at times but not particularly cold. A mean temperature anomaly of -0.3c below 1981-2010 or +0.1c above 1961-1990. It was the first colder than average month since February 2018 relative to the 1981-2010 values.  This was the first wetter than average month of the year ( long-term averages ), clawing back 2019's big rainfall deficit.

Mean maximum:  13.7  ( -- )

Mean minimum:  5.0  (  -0.7 )

Rainfall:  99mm ( average 53mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  9/from 17  

A cold front on the 3rd brought a few showers with snow settling near 900m and a front on the 7th brought a local shower or two with light snow settling near 800m. At this point, the biggest cold outbreak of the winter for south-east Australia began with multiple fronts moving up from the south into the continent but this was all to west of Tasmania, while a new low was approaching Tasmania from the south-east. Between this activity on either side the weather was cold, cloudy and calm. The south-east low moved up Tasmania's east coast on the 10th-11th bringing continuous showers ( 27mm ) which fell and settled as snow, but only to 800m. Cold fronts between the 19th-24th with intense  low pressure to the south brought big bouts of rain at times combined with snow to moderately low levels, between drier periods. The 19th was windy with a morning snowline of 500m, the 20th became extremely windy ahead of a late front ( 120kmhr/75mph gust in the city ), very wet late on the 21st into the 22nd with a lot of snow on the mountain down to 450m and very wet late on the 24th into the 25th with a lot of snow again down to about 400m asl. This level is just above the highest suburbs. The weather settled down after this with calmer days that were predominantly dry. 

Extremes in daily temperature for August ( records since 1882 ) :

High max:  18.5.....15th ( record 24.5 in 1977 )

Low max:  8.8.....10th ( record 5.5 in 1974 )

High min:  9.4.....27th ( record 15.0 in 2005 )

Low min:  1.2.....9th ( record -1.8 in 1962 )

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Perth, Scotland

Very wet but warm

August 2019 continued the theme of recent August’s being very unsettled. Although being the warmest August since 2004. It was also the wettest since 2008 and third wettest on record with 2004 being the wettest. The month began on a warm and fairly settled note before some torrential rain in the second week with thunder and lighting. The middle third was generally rather cool and wet while it was very warm around the start of the last week. Before much cooler in the closing days.



Mean maximum: 20.3.C (+0.7.C)

Mean minimum: 12.0.C (+1.2.C)

Mean: 16.2.C (+1.0.C)

Rainfall: 155mm (204%)

Sunshine: 166 hours (100%)



Highest maximum: 27.4.C (25th)

Highest minimum: 14.2.C (25th)

Lowest maximum: 15.7.C (31st)

Lowest minimum: 6.4.C (12th)

Wettest Day: 9th (38mm)

Days with rain 

0.2mm (23) (+6)

1mm (17) (+8)

10mm (4) (+3) 

Sunniest Day: 25th (14.2 Hours)


Summer 2019 was overall warm and wet with virtually bang on average sunshine. It was the sixth wettest summer in 25 years behind 2012, 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2002. This was also the first summer since 2006 where the maximum temperature has exceeded 25.C in every month.

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Stats for the University of Leeds

Mean maximum: 22.3C

Mean minimum: 13.9C

Mean: 17.8C

Highest maximum: 30.8C on the 25th

Lowest minimum: 10.7C on the 13th

The station stopped reporting rainfall at some point during the month for some reason so no figures available. Local amateur stations reporting around 50mm though, slightly below average.

Edited by cheese

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bit late as i been away ..but here in my neck of the woods Edmonton finished at 13.9c which is exactly 3c below normal with 79mm rain which is 120% of the normal.

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