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Lounge now includes sport, serious and techie chat

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As of today, we've merged the lounge, serious, sports and techie chat forum into one single area. Within here, all kinds of non-weather related chat is fine - from random banter, to quizzes, sports discussion, serious discussion and techie / gadget related topics. 

We've made a start on tagging all the threads, so the various topics are easily searchable (click on the tags to see a list of topics on that subject). 

As previously within the serious discussion, political discussion (including Brexit) is off limits. The team will consider opening threads in times of wider political interest such as general elections and the like. 

Please also bear in mind, that the lounge is community moderated, which means the team rely on those taking part to self-moderate their own posts to keep them within the community guidelines, and to report posts they believe to be outside of those guidelines. 

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