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Arizona Monsoon 2019 - Bonus Chase Day (11 August 2019) - AZ / NM

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Hey guys,

Going to start a few threads for our Arizona Monsoon Chase this year, and put some pictures up of what we get! Bonus chase day, saw the last of the guests arrive in Phoenix, to a pleasant 107F (42C). Unfortunately, very very limited storms around Arizona for the foreseeable as a Westerly airflow dominates, leading to very hot and dry conditions.

This was the first ever day I've felt what 100F is like, and it's hot!

After the last of the guests arrived, there was a chance of few small storms to the NE of Phoenix, and into New Mexico.

With the fact that there are looking like no storms for the next few days, we decided to head East towards New Mexico, and the potential for storms.

Saw a couple of storms go up with a couple of bolts of lightning before the sunset and the storms died off.


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