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Storms and Convective discussion - 28th July 2019 onwards

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11 hours ago, Despicable Weather said:

Glad you are having a good time in Florida @zmstorm thank you for your reports too.

That shake in your above vid, is that camera shake as thunder rumbles or is that the pane of glass of window?? I zoomed in and stared at windows of houses over the way but couldn't see anything on them just the shake in the foreground lol

Thanks mate. Yeah I meant that you would of seen the shake in the foreground (my window) but I can’t be too sure unfortunately because I accidentally left it recording when I was in the shower and I watched the video back. 

I assume that some other houses nearby had their windows shaken but even if they were then it wouldn’t be visible on the camera.

I also assume that the camera was shaken a little bit.

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Had a huge storm yesterday afternoon.

Picture of last nights supercell in Edinburgh taken from portobello beach 

Satellite infra red imagery from the early hours of this morning showed quite a dark core for the low pressure system out in the bay of Biscay. I would take this to show that the low pressure system w

Posted Images

Never get tired of this view - getting interesting now!


Got excited for a second when I thought I had witnessed a tornado touch down. ?(far right of above picture)


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I've been at Whiteley Woods (western Sheffield) and Grindleford (Peak District) today doing Forest Schools training and had several thunderstorms pass close by. Had a great view driving back from Grindleford of several cells - observed some lightning as well. Good day! ?

Cell north of Stoke has our name on it - hoping for one last round before the showers/storms fade!

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Thunder. Storm. Lightning...  Ladies and gentlemen of the Academy, these are things not known to mankind in the South East corner of the UK. Our scientists are working hard to find out what happened... And the consensus is now facing us in this peer reviewed paper by Doctor Grim R. Eaper.

It's Climate Change. Yes folks, the Met Office's prediction of the entire Mediterranean climate moving into South East England happened last week. We knew this was going to happen. Just not which day or which month, nor if would be after teatime. 

Our storms are...no more.

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Would be good to hear the thoughts of any experts or people in the know!? 

Much appreciated! 

1 minute ago, Mr Frost said:

What do you all think about this?

Picture of cell earlier in the day, radar at time and low cloud/scud (I think) at the far right of the picture? (same time as radar image)



Some folk think it’s a tornado but I’m 99% sure it is not! 

I was panicking too much to get a video of it and was zooming in and out of the area in question due to sheer joy at what was happening! ? Also had sunlight behind me and I was on top of a 98 meters high Hill a fair distance away! 


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