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Paul Sherman

1st Ever Canadian StormChase

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I see it has reached 100 F in western Nebraska now, southern SD is in the humid tropical air but it's not mixing much so 84/73 recent report from PHP. Front appears to be just north of SD-ND border with some development. Here's a link to visual satellite imagery for the interest of those following the chase (I've been in this country and I know you don't need a satellite image because you can see about 100 miles from the Black Hills region). 


all the other products on this NWS svr wx mesoscale link are very good too.

-- you can see the front generating some weak cells about 40 miles north of the ND-SD border and more brewing west of Miles City MT. Rich cu fields either side of Missouri River valley in central SD (the Missouri has cut itself a pretty deep valley in the plains, and there are manmade lakes along there to add moisture). 

I remember getting hit by a vicious midnight storm in very hot weather at Pierre SD on my way west from former home in Ontario (this would be mid August of 1973), it had been 105 F in the daytime and this storm hit a campsite (luckily I was camping in a van), of course no internet, no radar, so it may have been forecast but I didn't know it was coming, and it had 80 mph gusts and big hail, lasted about ten minutes and trashed the place pretty well. 

This setup looks slightly different to what I recall of that one, although severe heat wave was in progress all across the plains and eastern states then. This evening and tonight, I would expect those cells in ND to get severe and start back building towards Buffalo SD or north of Rapid City. Some pretty good scenery from there over to Missouri River, noticed on my map there's a Lightning Butte in that region. ;)


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Now in the upper Missouri River area. Heat and humidity is intense , air like soup




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Brutal humidity in southeast SD with dew points above 25 C, temps near 32 C. Front has set up in northeast SD and southern MN. Looks like another late developer with overnight thunderstorms pushing slowly south. Could be some prolific rainfalls given this high moisture content and slow forward motion. 

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