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June 2019 Stats

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June 2019Redlynch, Wiltshire


Max Temp: 33.6°C (29th)

Min Temp: 6.8°C (2nd)

Mean Max: 20.5°C

Mean Min: 10.4°C

Air Frosts: 0


Days above 20°C: 14

Days above 25°C: 5

Days above 30°C: 1

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In London, June ended up 0.5c above average, with 181% of the average rainfall and 83% of average sunshine.


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June 2019 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 28.3°C (29th)

Min Temp: 7.2°C (9th)

Mean Max: 18.9°C

Mean Min:11.9°C

Air Frosts: 0


Total: 53.6mm

Wettest Day: 18.4mm (7th)

Max Rain Rate: 75.8mm/hr (12th)

Rain Days: 11

Dry Days: 19


Highest: 1026.76 hPa (27th)

Lowest: 996.58 hPa (7th)


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Perth Scotland

A month that ended up slightly cooler, wetter although sunnier than average. The first three weeks brought largely cool and rather showery weather with some notably cool days at times the last week was much warmer with lots of sunshine and only a sharp thunderstorm on the 29th brought any significant rainfall. Despite the cool, unsettled theme for the majority of the month sunshine totals were actually above normal and it was the second sunniest June since 2010 with only 2018 being sunnier. Overall this was the joint coolest June with 2015 since 2012. Also the lowest minimum temperature was also the lowest in June in my records. 


Mean maximum : 17.4.C (-0.7.C)

Mean minimum: 8.7.C (-0.5.C)

Mean: 13.1.C (-0.6.C)

Rainfall: 75mm (119%)

Sunshine: 188 hours (116%)


Highest maximum: 25.3.C (27th)

Highest minimum: 14.6.C (30th)

Lowest maximum: 11.7.C (12th)

Lowest minimum: 3.8.C (12th)

Wettest Day: 29th (11.3mm)

Sunniest Day: 28th (15.1 hours)


Days with rain

0.2mm: 18 (+4)

1mm: 10 (+2)

10mm 2 (+1)

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June - Hobart, Tasmania

Staying dry with very mild days. A mean temperature anomaly of +0.7c compared to 1981-2010 or +0.8c compared to 1961-1990.

Mean max:  13.6 ( +1.2 )

Mean min:  5.5 ( +0.2 )

Rainfall:  19mm ( average 54mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  5/from 9

Not much winter action this month but there was a good stretch of frosts near the end of the month.  Chiefly mild until the 18th with high pressure centered over eastern Australia with north-west winds off the continent. Occasional fronts in this mild stream bringing a few showers, locally. Heavier rain in Tasmania's north and west. A cold front on the 3rd brought a brief colder south-westerly wind change with 7mm and settled snow, but only to about 800m level.  On the 18th a cold front introduced a prolonged colder period with a few showers between the 18th-21st with settled snow, but only to about 700m level. Sunny days with frost followed - severe inland as high pressure crossed from the west. Much milder but continuing sunny from the 26th as high pressure moved to the east with a northerly wind off the continent. A few showers on the 30th as a cold front crossed from the north west. The wettest day was 7mm on the 3rd. 

Extremes in daily temperature for June ( records since 1882 ) :

High max:  18.1.....28th ( record 20.6 in 1907 )

Low max:  9.9.....25th ( record 4.3 in 1985 )

High min:  11.1.....29th ( record 15.0 in 2016 )

Low min:  -0.2.....25th ( record -2.8 in 1972 )

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Stupava, Slovakia

A very warm and dry month in sharp contrast to the cool and wet May. This weather station only goes back to 2013 but it was the driest June at both main Bratislava stations (Koliba, Ivanka) in records beginning in 1951, and probably the hottest too (though I don\t have stats to hand).

Mean maximum - 29.8

Mean minimum - 17.0

Overall mean - 23.3

Highest maximum - 34.8 (26th)

Lowest maximum - 24.8 (6th)

Highest minimum - 22.7 (13th)

Lowest minimum - 10.1 (1st)

Days above 25C - 29

Days above 30C - 14


Rainfall - 9.3mm

Days with rain - 7

Days with rain (over 1mm) - 1

Wettest day - 6.8mm (23rd)

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Data for Cantley, Doncaster

  1. 6-Cantley weather summary June 2019

Mean, Max and Min make it the first ‘completely ‘ cold month since January. Others have had 1 or other of the values cold but not all three. In spite of this the hottest day on the 30 th since last July and then a slight thunderstorm that evening to end the month on. The wettest month for some time and the second wettest June (2007) with 106.9 mm

Mean=15.3 (15.8)

Avge Max=19.8 (20.6) the hottest 31.9 on the 30 th with the coldest day 11.4 on the 11 th

Avge Min= 10.7 (11.0) my coldest night=7 th with 6.7 and the warmest 15.1 on the 30 th.

Rainfall 106.7 (49.8) with  the wettest day 25 th with 21.2 mm, 21 days with 0.2 or more and 17 with 1.0 or more

No snow, hail, frost and 1 day with thunder and 1 of fog at 9am (clock time)

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