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Storms and Convective Discussion - 25th June 2019 onwards

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47 minutes ago, Flash bang flash bang etc said:

Thunder circles ?

Fine....  The visualisation of the rapidly expand sonic shockwave radiating out from it's point of origin.

Better ?


(I still prefer thunder circle though ? )

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You wait a lifetime for a funnel cloud and then two come at once!

A few from last night, just South of Salisbury. Mostly intracloud stuff, but an impressive light show none the less.  

Well that was a pretty awesome night. Although I cant help but feel slightly disappointed for not getting any SLR shots. And now I'm left wanting more and more ?. Anyway a very impressive light show w

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 I remember the 28th of June 2005 but not July. That was a thundery low of some sort I think. Anything like that would be good. 

 I want to be on the north or west flank of the low on Tuesday, or the NE quadrant. Anything else and there will be too much of a westerly component. 

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