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How hot will it be? Temperature Competition

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The top official temperature yesterday was - drumroll..... 34c. Recorded in Northholt (London). That makes our winner @shuggee?  Thanks to all who took part, temperatures never made it to the hei

I'll go with the BBC.-8 and Snow..

Good grief, with a change of wind direction from onshore to off, Lossiemouth has apparently seen a rise of 10 degrees in an hour to 27°C, with 7 degree increase in 20 minutes.

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Are the people going for Gravesend aware that the MetO station there shut down because a theme park is to be developed on the land?


Obviously won't make a difference if you still want Kent as your county hotspot (the nearest MetO station to Gravesend is now East Malling, also in Kent), but you may not want Kent if you chose it because of the famously 'hot' Gravesend!

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