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How hot will it be? Temperature Competition

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It's time to guess / forecast the temperature again. ?

The competition is simple, guess the top temperature next week between Monday 24th and Saturday 29th (inclusive). For bonus prizes, also guess the county (or in the case of London, the city), and the day your top temperature will take place on.

Your forecast needs to be made to 1 decimal point (eg 25.1c).

The person who gets nearest to the max temperature (as per the daily met office extremes data) will win a three month Netweather Extra subscription. If that person also gets the county or day right, we'll double it and make it a 6 month subscription, and if they get both county and day right, we'll make it a twelve month subscription.

Remember though, the temperature is the key, the day and place are just bonuses.
In the case of more than one winner, we'll randomly draw the prize winner.

Entries need to be in, on this thread by Sunday at 23:59. One entry only per person please, and entries after this time won't be included.

Good luck!

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The top official temperature yesterday was - drumroll..... 34c. Recorded in Northholt (London). That makes our winner @shuggee?  Thanks to all who took part, temperatures never made it to the hei

I'll go with the BBC.-8 and Snow..

Good grief, with a change of wind direction from onshore to off, Lossiemouth has apparently seen a rise of 10 degrees in an hour to 27°C, with 7 degree increase in 20 minutes.

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