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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 01/06/2019 Onwards

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2 hours ago, jtay said:

Have a look to your NW, if you can. Just light rain here, so far, but it's been building up and looks pretty dark to our South/South East.

OH is heading to Christchurch for the day. Our friend has texted from there to say bring a raincoat, as they've just got caught in the hail.

Yes I saw it on the radar although couldn’t see it that well as I didn’t have much of a view to the NW. Didn’t get any hail from it here as the main part of it just missed but still had some very heavy rain for a time. 

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These I just took of the storm that just came over frome about 20 mins ago  looks like more to come     

This was sent by a friend heading to Wotton u Edge this morning. VID-20191114-WA0000.mp4

Decided to pop down to Mudeford quay  to enjoy this beautiful evening!  Took my camera along and was treated to the amazing display of noctilucent clouds, obviously others have posted about them alrea

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A few showers this morning and early afternoon, including a couple of distant rumbles of thunder. Most of the afternoon was dry though and increasingly sunny as the afternoon went on. Reached 20.3°C although that wasn’t until early this evening. Currently 19.7°C

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Looks like a cool night to come, already down to 12.2°C

A line of showers stretching from the Bristol Channel south-west down to the tip of Cornwall, wonder if we'll catch any as we've missed out on every shower since the one this morning.

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Dry with sunny spells in Winchester and not feeling too bad. Looks like quite a few showers back at home which is unusual as usually it’s inland areas that get all the showers. 

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Went out to watch Perseids but instead saw unexpected showers turn up and distant dry storm.  Back home it was torrential again and completely unexpected. 


Photo is not from home but near Mere looking toward King Alfred Tower.

Also showing data radar set of progressing showers thunderstorms last night. 










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So since I came on holiday 250 miles away there’s been storms or heavy rain in Warminster on Sunday, Monday and now this morning.

Here there’s been plenty of sunshine, 2 brief showers yesterday and drizzle this morning but it’s ok at the moment!

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