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Tom Lynch

Last day of Chicken Georges chase Monday 27 May

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Last day before I fly home. We dinned in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Then we moved west towards a tornado warned storm which was heading towards the I76. We went south and sat and watched the wall cloud moving slowly in our direction. As we watched a cone formed underneath and it was reported that there was a brief touch down on the ground underneath the cone. The storm then started to die and the northern part strengthened off so we then moved east keep up with it. This was an interesting drive as we drove along wet and slippy dirt track through hail and under the area attempting to form a tornado. Because of time constraints we had to leave the northern storm and set off in the direction of the airport. As we drove south east could see a storm over the airport. As we neared the airport the storm became more interesting and suddenly Paul spotted rotation on the ground, we looked a the cloud above and saw it was a tornado. We stopped and watched it for well over 5 minutes. Planes were flying directly passed it. Amazing last day. Unfortunately my video decided to start to buffer data , so ran out before I could get the best bit.   I will put what I can video wise shortly.







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Video of the first reported tornado , after this the storm died off.

Second tornado near the airport


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