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Ever measured European extreme dewpoint-temperature

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Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for the European ever measured highest dew point temperature (in nature), and its location.

So I need a "European record" number, not "World record".

I've been spend a loads of time searching data on internet accordingly, without succes....





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Please, nobody's out there, who knows a link, or direction, a piece of trace.....???


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Posted (edited)

I've been searching, it seems hard to find the answer. Can't even find what it is for the UK but here are some countries mentioned on forums:



France 26-28C

Ireland (and British Isles) 23.8C

Sweden 23.8C

Germany ~24C

I'm sure somewhere in southern or eastern Europe could beat that. Anapa, Russia (on the Black Sea) looks like it can get pretty steamy in summer; seems to get 23C dewpoints quite regularly, 25 or 26 occasionally, looking through a few years on  Ogimet records it has recorded 34C air temperature with a 26C dewpoint (44C heat index).


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Thank you very mutch!

I will looking up them as well.

So it seems that there is no such collected european data summary regarding dew point.

Anapa looks potential "winner", but Td28°C in France is suprising....

I thought continental climat can have the maximum between 20-25°C.


Thank you again,

but if someone could gather and share some other data regarding the topic, that would be greatfull as well.

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