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Thunderstorms of early June 1889

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An account by George Symons of Camden Square from 6th of June 1889

"Grand thunderstorm between 9 and 11pm; lightning finer than I have seen since 1858. There were several separate centres of storm, mostly working from south to north."

By H. Sowerby Wallis of Highgate

"The most glorious thunderstorm ever saw. The special feature was the beauty and frequency of lightning. About 9.20pm, I began to count the displays and from a rough calculation made the number up to that time 100; from then to 11.10pm I counted 1144 distinct displays giving a total of 1244 in two hours. Some of the flashes lasted perceptibly longer than others--in fact, one lasted while I counted up to ten."

Other reports
Bayswater: Severe storm; lightning vivid and varied
Monken Hadley: Lighning almost incessant
Dover: Terrific storm with large hail
Broxbourne: Thunderstorm lasting from 6 to 11pm
St Albans: Terrific storm for 2 hours
Cambridge: Severest storm remembered; distant thunder at 8.30pm from the south and lasted until 1.30am, several houses struck. 


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