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VOLATILITY Storm Chasing

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Hi guys,

My friends and I went out to the States last spring for three weeks of epic storm chasing, in search of the biggest, baddest weather Mother Nature could throw at us.

Tomorrow, at 6PM (UK time), the first episode of our storm chasing experience will be released on YouTube, documenting our first chase in Nebraska on the 23rd May, when we witnessed an epic sculpted supercell at sunset:  


VOLATILITY Storm Chasing is a brand new YouTube series bringing a whole new way of experiencing storm chasing. With dual-360º cameras and animated radar-route maps, we immerse you in what it’s really like to storm chase.

S01 E01: Omgosh Oshkosh. It wasn’t looking good. The early 2018 US storm season set new records for the lack of tornadoes - but we’d already committed to the trip. Roll on 23rd May 2018. Starting off in Hays, KS and choosing a spot in NE Colorado on the edge of a slight risk, we anticipated some weak discrete supercells before they merged into a larger system. What we actually got, was a whole lot more. Cue unexpected RFDs, storm sandwiches, hail-core punches, freight trains, stunning structure and cows.

We hope to release further episodes in the coming weeks and months (we have nine planned in total). 

I hope you get a chance to have a look at what we've created. Hundreds of hours have been spent editing, producing and filming this, and it certainly won't be a waste of your time. 



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Hi Richard. Thoroughly enjoyed that - really well done. I was late on that cell and approached from the N Platte side and didn’t get the sunset structure view. Looking forward to the next episode. 

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