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Tony Foulds

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As a boy of 8 he was playing in a local park in Sheffield when a plane came low over the roof tops they could see the pilot waving so they waved back unaware that the air craft was in serious trouble. The pilot to save the children lives aborted the landing and tried to climb over the trees but crashed instead killing all aboard

For 75 years he has been attending the memorial cleaning it tidying it up. The guilt he feels gets stronger as he gets older one thing he wanted was a fly past on the 75th anniversary.

A chance meeting with Dan Walker one morning who was walking his dog eventually led to this fly past in Endcliffe park Sheffield.

At around 9000 people turned up at Endcliffe park this morning too honour the aircraft crew and the man who has tended the memorial all these years.

An emotional day and it's nice too see there are still some caring people in this world of hurt.


The original interview

The gentleman deserves a knighthood

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wonderful man..... doing it selflessly and if it wasnt for a chance meeting with bbc's dan walker would have carried on, quietly, paying his respects.

agreed...if anybody deserves a knighthood its him. 

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