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Would always recommend lifestyle changes rather than 'quick fixes'.  Look at your eating habits, what are your weaknesses?  Do you eat at the wrong times?  Are you addicted to sugary foods and drinks, is it crisps and snacks or is it everything? ?

Identify your triggers and try to phase them out.  Replace high fat dairy with lower fat options (but watch for added sugar - read labels!).  Replace crisps and processed snacks with raw nuts or fruit.  And aim to get more exercise.  If you are able to find time to walk, do it!  Get yourself a smart watch (doesn't have to be a Fitbit, you can get decent ones on Amazon for £30) and try to do 2,000 then 5,000 then 10,000 steps a day.  Take up lifting weights (start slow) or get on a bike.

Do all of these things and you WILL start to lose weight.  Once you start you'll hopefully enjoy the results and stick with it.


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1 hour ago, fujiwara said:

what ways for lose weight  are most effective? diets, fitness or something else?

It's all about calories in vs calories out - how much you consume vs how much you burn (unless you're one of the tiny percentage with a metabolic disorder!)
As long as you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight -  it's literally as simple as that. As a rule of thumb, for every 3,500kcal deficit you accumulate, you will lose 1lb of fat. That's the equivalent of 500kcal each day to lose 1lb per week. That could be an easy 30 minute jog each day for a 200lb person, or dropping a Big Mac from your diet each day. Over a year, that adds up to nearly 4 stone dropped!

The tricky part is figuring out what way is easiest for you, and that can take some time.

Some people find that gradual small lifestyle changes work best - such as swapping out carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, etc) for more vegetables, switching from sugary drinks to diet drinks or water, walking a little more instead of driving or using public transport. Things like that.

Others prefer to eat lots of the foods they liked before, and so go down the route of doing lots of cardio exercises in order to burn lots of calories, with some strength training to reduce muscle loss (and keep your metabolism up).

Many people hate exercise, and still want most of the foods they're used to! For them, some form of intermittent fasting works. There are loads of forms this can take, from only allowing yourself a reduced window each day when your eat, such as 12pm to 9pm, 3pm to 9pm, or some go even more extreme and allow themselves just 1 meal per day!
Another form this can take is having fasting days, such as with the 5-2 diet. Whereby you have 2 "fasted" days each week (less than 500kcal each day) and then eat as you like on the other days!

For some, the fads do actually work! For example, the Keto diet, which is very similar to the old Atkins diet, involves cutting down carbs to such an extent that your body adapts to having fat as it's main fuel source. You go through a transition phase that is difficult and called "keto flu" where carb cravings are bad and you might feel tired and groggy, but after that your body adjusts. The benefit of eating lots of fat and protein is it's much more satiating than simple carbs, and so people end up eating much less calories without realising it, simply because they feel more full more easily.

So yeah, that just touched on some of the methods, but there's loads more and it's all about finding what you can stick to best!

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Guys, truly say I am not big fan of gym and fitness. But I need to loss some weight. So, I started to go to gym twice per week. I have goal to lose 10Lbs. If fitness does not help me I will try to use Coolsculpting NYC procedure. Also I started to use special diet, because I want to be in good shape too.

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@BornFromTheVoid is spot on... re calories in vs calories burnt. the great thing about calorie controled diet is you can chose wtf you want to eat upto your set calorific intake goal. so you can drink alcohol, eat cakes and pies, lol.. as long as you stick to your limit, it really works well and imho is the best way instead of fads, superfoods, etc..

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