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Yorkshire and E England regional thread 30 Jan 2019 onwards

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The Northern end of that band will not push much further Eastwards now but the Southern end will continue to swing up from the SW in a North Easterly direction meaning that the band will eventually be

Well today was a great day really after the snow disappointment. It's been very cold, only maxed out at -1.7 on my station so a good ice day. The trees looked brilliant with thick frost on them.

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a few echoes showing up on radar around Bawtry/Gainsborough stretching into the Humber,the former heading staight west,the latter WNW

could see some snow falling soon but light,hope the intensity picks up but early days yet or is that early night lol.


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14 minutes ago, Weather26 said:

Only Frost and not even a snowflake in Sheffield (yet!) 

Beautiful morning in Sheffield with lots of sunshine, nice to see some snowcover from Grenoside up to Stocksbridge area above 200m.

Only places that had fog was Crystal Peaks/Drakehouse area that had thick hoar frost on all surfaces.

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, its freezing rain here!

Temp has shot up to 0.6C but surfaces are still cold from the hard frost today so there's glaze everywhere.

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13 minutes ago, Hessle Owl said:

light covering of snow here nothing major but nice to see nevertheless 

A few miles more inland makes the difference it seems. Glad you've seen something.

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