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Yorkshire and E England regional thread 30 Jan 2019 onwards

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20 minutes ago, fazzafarrand said:

Tried to catch some of the spider web's not the best photography in the world 




They look fab ? 

We suddnely have a lot of fog here in Sheffield City Centre looking over from the direction of the station towards the SW) can't see all the usual landmarks - Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Bramhall Lane, VelocityTower or even the new construction taking place further up St Mary's Gate/Ecclesall

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The Northern end of that band will not push much further Eastwards now but the Southern end will continue to swing up from the SW in a North Easterly direction meaning that the band will eventually be

Crookes, Sheffield  this morning 

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9 minutes ago, Aiden2012 said:

Hopefully something good will happen for when i finish work at midnight haha. 

Haha same, I'm at work tonight, finish at 3am so might do a little snow hunt depending on what's going on then ?

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Just now, Cold Winter said:

Haha same, I'm at work tonight, finish at 3am so might do a little snow hunt depending on what's going on then ?

Yeah same soon as I finish I'll be straight on it ??

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4 hours ago, Kathryn Atkin said:

...and at the same time in 2010, our heating packed in for several weeks and we were lucky if we reached 8degrees max downstairs indoors brrrrrrrr

We actually have a solid fuelled Rayburn which does all our central heating, cooking, hot water, clothes drying and kettle boiling so it is basically 'off grid' and immune to power cuts. It is basically just a large cast iron oven with a firebox so very little to go wrong - no electrics or electronics! ? Back in 2010 our village had no power for 3 days during that cold spell and we had to cook meals and provide hot drinks to our elderly neighbours as their gas boilers wouldn't work with no electric. It was quite nice really, got to know neighbours that we'd hardly spoke to before despite living here for years, now we chat all the time. We also took them into town or collected groceries for them in the Land Rovers because all our rural roads were deep in snow and ice. I guess it was a similar feeling/spirit to what people did during the war - pull together as a community. 

Anyway, temp has now reached zero but fog is still here and the frost still deep on every surface. Looks like it could last whole day if this fog doesn't shift.

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Coldest night of the winter here and the coldest since Jan 2013 at -6.8c.

Many stations across North Yorkshire fell to -9/10c overnight.

Coldest I can find is Newby Head Pass in the Yorkshire Dales at -10.4c.

Still -1.8c here so very likely the first ice day since the beast from the east.

Gorgeous sunshine now after freezing fog has lifted.

Looking good for some snow showers tonight :)


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Just now, Jeremy Shockey said:

i will be up at Millington early tomorrow morning ......hoping for some beefy snow showers from the NE

Hope so bud, will look forward to your photos on Twitter, loving the account by the way!!!!!

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4 minutes ago, smilersnow said:

Its snowing now i don't understand why its not on the radar??!! ??



Who's that hanging from the tree? ?


I think It's the moisture from heavy fog in sub zero temperatures, causing it to lightly slow or whatever the phenomen is called.. I don't believe it's actually falling from the clouds high above

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