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Model output discussion - 7th January onwards

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Please keep this thread solely to discussing the model output. The model banter thread is available for more loosely model related chat, ramps and moans.

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3 minutes ago, Ed Stone said:

00Z T850 ensemble: an increasing number of members dipping to between -10 and -16C..The trend is your friend!


Try the 6z suite, much better ridging on the mean will mean many more of those runs and more will be sustained.

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The 06z para is looking very good as well at 144hrs, looks like it has finally woke up and has decided to get with the programme. Pattern probably isn't as good as the 06z GFS op, but it really is MANY time better than the runs from the para yesterday!

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1 minute ago, karlos1983 said:

Control backs the Op :shok:


That's a stunning chart, and those long NE's remind me of Jan 1987... 

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I can't help but giggle at the thought of this place should a Dec 2012 happen all over again! Models really are firming up on what could potentially be a very special and prolonged spell of winter weather!

The first hurdle (trough disrupting into Europe and height rises) is almost dealt with, we should get more model consensus for that this evening/tomorrow morning. Then if we get the azores/Arctic High link up the 6z GFS is what happens.

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The GFS para has a decent amount of convection trying to push inland, that is despite a relatively stable pattern with the high pressure, so a good sign, especially as lapse rates aren't anything that amazing either (though obviously if the 06z GFS happens, those lapse rates will be more noteable for sure!)

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1 minute ago, Glacier Point said:

Extended ensemble means starting to reduce the Western US ridge in favour of Alaskan / Arctic ridges. Will be interesting to watch this trend as it opens the door for more westerly flow through the southern arm of the jet and undercutting . 

The high expectation for February is for low pressure in the North Atlantic currently where we have a programmed anomalous ridge . 

Sounds rewarding but also dangerous.


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