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Model output discussion - 7th January onwards

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Please keep this thread solely to discussing the model output. The model banter thread is available for more loosely model related chat, ramps and moans.

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1 minute ago, Ed Stone said:

That's some cold pool out east. There don't seem to be any of those pesky wee 'mild' bits, either:


Nope. Deep midwinter cold with very little solar energy. An easterly has the potential to be very potent at this time of year! 

@s4lancia called it just about right with his probabilities earlier on I think. About 65% in favour of an easterly right now, but details to be defined. 

If easterly sets up a shown by Wednesday/Thursday as shown in GFS 6z then you would expect to see disturbances travelling East to West towards the UK. 

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And when we have another PV segment displacement and NW/SE trough, (imo likely as Scandi to be influential directly, then indirectly then directly etc etc) the air is so cold that insignificant warming (if any) out occurs.  Massive nationwide snow event towards end of month to support previous snowfall.  

That is one seriously cold run .......the evolution is plausible too, the depth of cold....? It’s so good even just getting 60-70 % of its potency would still be very wintry!!!  So a great start continues



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