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1997 to 2018 CET stuff

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NB  In the context of this thread   "warm" and "cold" months to months that are in the top 10% warmest or coldest  CETs for the specific month since 1659. Similarly warm and cold years refer to those in the top 10% of warmest of coldest years   


Of the 264 months between 1997 and 2018 , 77, or just over 29%, were warm months.

By contrast, just 2.... December 2010 and March 2013....were cold months  (under  0.75%)

2014 had 8 warm months, the most of any year on record, while for three of the years, half their months were warm  -  2006, 2017, 2018. Outside the period there  are only two other year that register 5 warm months   - 1989 and 1779.    

There were two periods of 5 consecutive months where each was within its 10% warmest... September 2006 to January 2007  and February to June 2017. Prior to the period the year with the most consecutive warm months is 1792, with 4

There was just one year in the period  that went without registering a single warm month.  This was 2010, a year that registered an annual CET of 8.86C, the only year to register under 9C since 1986. Previous to that the last year not to register a warm month was 1973.

17 of the 22 years in the period were warm years (over 77%).  This contrasts with 19 of the years prior to the period being warm years ...or under 6%  





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Another similar view is that more than 130 days have set record high daily values since 1968 (half a century of data) and only about 30 have set record lows. At random this interval should have about 70 records of each kind. Even so, April, May, June, July, September and November managed to retain their all-time record daily means from years before 1970 (and for April and May, before 1800). January has a three-way tie that 2016 joined but the other two are from much earlier years (1834 and 1932). The warmest months of each name have been set since 1994 in April, July, August, September, October, November and December. The most recent coldest month of any name was February 1947 and before that August 1912. (Dec 2010 came close at second coldest). 

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