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Summer Sun

F1 2019 season

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Confirmed teams and drivers for the 2019 season


Lewis Hamilton
Valtteri Bottas


Sebastian Vettel
Charles Leclerc


Max Verstappen
Pierre Gasly


Daniel Ricciardo
Nico Hulkenberg 


Romain Grosjean
Kevin Magnussen


Sergio Perez
Lance Stroll


Carlos Sainz
Lando Norris


Daniil Kvyat
Alexander Albon


Kimi Raikkonen
Antonio Giovinazzi


George Russell
Robert Kubica

Race dates

The 2019 season will run from 17th March to 1st December making it the latest finish in around 56 years. 5 race weekends are back-to-back but no repeat of the 2018 triple-header

17th March Australia

31st March Bahrain

14th April China

28th April Azerbaijan

12th May Spain

26th May Monaco

9th June Canada

23rd June France

30th June Austria

14th July Great Britain

28th July Germany

4th August Hungary

1st September Belgium

8th September Italy

22nd September Singapore

29th September Russia

13th October Japan

27th October Mexico

3rd November USA

17th November Brazil

1st December Abu Dhabi

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All race weekends are exclusively live* on Sky Sports F1 from 2019 to 2024

Highlights from all races will be on Channel 4

*What could be the final British GP at Silverstone will be shown live Channel 4 following a 'collaborative deal' between the 2 broadcasters


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2019 test dates

Test 1

February 18th to February 21st - Barcelona

Test 2

February 26th to March 1st - Barcelona


2019 engines

Mercedes engines

Mercedes, Force India, Williams

Ferrari engines

Ferrari, Haas, Sauber

Renault engines

Renault, McLaren

Honda engines

Red Bull, Toro Rosso

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Sky F1 will be broadcasting live from Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya on all four days when the first pre-season test is held on February 18-21. For our UK-based audience, coverage will commence on every day of the test at 1pm as the teams and drivers put their new-for-2019-cars to the test for the first time.

Live television coverage of the test will begin on Monday, February 18 at 1pm and will continue until 6pm.

Sky F1 will also be broadcasting live coverage on Tuesday, February 19, Wednesday, February 20 and Thursday, February 21 between 1pm and 6pm.

Our live review show, Welcome to F1 2019, will begin at approximately 5pm on every night of the test.



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Racing Point will continue as the successors to the now defunct Force India for the 2019 F1 Championship, which starts in Australia on 17 March. Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll acquired Force India when it fell into administration in July, initially calling it 'Racing Point Force India'.

Stroll had said in December that the name was only a temporary one.


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Formula 1 has tweaked its aerodynamic rules for the 2019 season in a bid to improve overtaking and encourage closer racing.

The changes are the first made by F1 chief Ross Brawn ahead of a major technical overhaul in 2021 and, with launch week just around the corner, will result in some intriguing designs on the new cars.


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Toro Rosso have unveiled their 2019 Formula 1 car, saying it owes a lot to last year's Red Bull. Red Bull's junior team are this year taking advantage of new rules allowing teams to buy parts from rivals.

US-based Haas have led on this approach since 2016 and Toro Rosso see it as a way to better use resources. The team have a new driver line-up with the return of Russian Daniil Kvyat and a debut for UK-born Thai Alexander Albon.


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F1 testing gets underway in Barcelona on Monday with live coverage on Sky Sports F1 between 1pm and 6pm

Each day's session runs from 9am to 6pm local time

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7 hours ago, Wiltshire_snow_lover said:


Certainly not ideal losing a day's testing and this year the season starts earlier than normal with the season opener in Australia 4-weeks today

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SHAREDWhere are Williams?

Andrew Benson

BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

The car is still at the team’s factory in Grove, Oxfordshire, and the current hope is that it will be ready to fly to Spain late on Tuesday.

That means it is unlikely at this stage that the car will run first thing Wednesday morning, but the team are hoping to get it out on to the track at some stage that day.

The delay is leading to speculation about the future of chief technical officer Paddy Lowe, who joined from Mercedes in 2017 and is ultimately responsible for the car.

Just as concerning for Williams, insiders say the car does not look like it will be quick when it does finally hit the track.

Sources say the car is projected to be as much as two seconds slower than last year’s, which was already the slowest on the grid.

Rule changes to front wings have reduced downforce but many teams have clawed a large part of it back.

If the word from inside the team is accurate, Williams could be facing a season adrift of the rest of the field.



Wow expected to be 2 seconds slower then last years...

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As of 11:50 Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo, sets the fastest lap of the Barcelona testing so far with 1:17.762

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The Williams car has finally had its first run of the test with one install lap

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Russell sets a lap time

George Russell has posted some lap times in the Williams - the quickest so far: 1:49.830. Which is just over 32 seconds slower than Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa Romeo at the top of the board. But at this point in the week, we all know by now not to take lap times too seriously in testing.


Only room for improvement.....

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Final day of the 1st test in Barcelona

Driver line up

Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton/Valtteri Bottas

Ferrari: Charles Leclerc

Red Bull: Pierre Gasly

Renault: Daniel Ricciardo/Nico Hulkerberg

Haas: Romain Grosjean/Kevin Magnussen

McLaren: Lando Norris

Racing Point: Lance Stroll

Alfa Romeo: Antonio Giovinazzi

Toro Rosso: Alex Albon

Williams: Robert Kubica/George Russell

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