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Supacell Storm Chasing

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Hello all,

I am just wanting to introduce my new YouTube channel which I will use to showcase the best of my storm chase videos whilst out in the UK chasing storms during the spring/summer storm chasing season. Rather than start with an empty canvas I am going to put on here my videos from 2015 onwards, but only the best of my videos from my most successful chases. I am currently in the process of setting up the channel and so I still have one video to add from the 27th July this year, this is uploading as I type this. Some of the videos are quite long but I did not want to cut them down too far as I feel it would take away from the quality of the film. Hopefully I can continue to put together more videos over the spring/summer of 2019 if the weather plays ball and I get to go out and chase some more. If you like what you see then please subscribe, apparently I need over 100 subscribers to be able to get a proper YouTube address 🙂



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Nice one Supacell, I've just subbed you.

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