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Ireland Regional Weather Discussion 13/12/2018 Onwards

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good luck ireland ?  

Definitely good to see Pom. I really have a feeling that we are going in to the freezer whether or not we see a pile of snow or not then I will settle for ice days and winter sunshine. Here is a few s

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I walked round to the wife's work with the buggy earlier before and it was a pleasant temperature. When I came out again after 20 minutes or so it was cold to the point I was walking fast to stay warm.

My weather station base station batteries ran out a couple of days ago and I haven't got around to replacing them yet. Talk about bad timing lol.

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56 minutes ago, Steve Murr said:

Another 3 hours & you should be looking good !

Based on Euro 4 yes Steve, looking good overnight through to Wednesday for snow potential.

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Still think temps too high over next few days unless you’ve a bit of altitude ( I don’t! ) and surprisingly further east looks good. ( I see Newry with 2 snow symbols for Tue whereas here shows rain throughout)

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A little snow and hail falling here now. Hopefully as the day goes on the showers get heavier. It's a start anyway. 


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