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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 01/12/2018 Onwards

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Nice little walk with the hound.

Beautiful looking up towards Peek Tor on Dartmoor this morning ❄❄❄

Guys good luck today -As they say one mans loss is another mans gain - well for once in the UK the south & SW are going to gobble up the Norths snow ? Someone in North Devon / Somerset / Wilt

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The gloom took until very late morning to clear from here and the skies were always hazy with some cloud floating around.  The wind was proving the point that it is still only February, felt chilly in exposed places both in and out of the sun.  Gloom began to reappear before sunset but did make for a bit of a decent sunset.

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2 hours ago, CheesepuffScott said:


Bizarre! It has been overcast all day here, still is now.

Only made it to 8°C. However, it has been dry, and that is the main thing for me.

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Long term lurker here, I've enjoyed reading the forum on and off since the Beast from the East struck last year. I was particularly struck by seeing the snow on the beach in Cornwall earlier this month; I grew up in Tintagel in the late 60s and can only remember one week when we had significant snow.

There's something that I'm really curious about. Snow is great fun for children, sledging, snow balling and making snowmen, but let's face it it's a pain in the weeble for normal day to day life. It was a nightmare getting to work when we had snow in the Exeter area in 2010, I had to go and stay in a hotel.

Yet there are people on here and on the model thread who actively long for snow, someone from Exmouth entitles himself "Bring Back 62/63". Why on earth would anyone want the chaos and general aggravation that a big freeze would bring, especially if it went on for months? 

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