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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 01/12/2018 Onwards

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Nice little walk with the hound.

Beautiful looking up towards Peek Tor on Dartmoor this morning ❄❄❄

Guys good luck today -As they say one mans loss is another mans gain - well for once in the UK the south & SW are going to gobble up the Norths snow ? Someone in North Devon / Somerset / Wilt

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2 minutes ago, Mapantz said:

Big flakes of snow here. Temp 1.5°C Dew 0.5°C Wet bulb 1.1°C

Quite a rapid thaw this afternoon so it's weird to see the snow falling again. Its not really settling though, not yet but because the radar is flawed I can't see what else might be coming lol

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2 minutes ago, fromey said:

Does anyone else feel exhausted ?

I'll sleep well tonight I know that much, after spending most of last night either outside or looking out the window! 

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Well this whole event has been a stunner IMBY! Yeah we’ve had a thaw this afternoon, depth is down to 3-4 inches away from buildings. Repeating myself from earlier on, but even the radar watch was great, after what looked like a raging disappointment for me at 8pm last night. I’ve found this event much better than last March - for all of its lateness, sub zero temps and amazing powder snow, it was all a bit odds on happening compared to this one! And I do prefer crunchy snow tbh. Reminds me of the early 80’s when I was a kid. 

Sorry for those who just missed out, happy for those still getting it! Have to clear my fairly long steep drive in the morning now though - getting out easy enough, but not back in! 

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51 minutes ago, Calneee said:

For those granted an unexpected snow day by the weather gods, I hope you’ve all had a brilliant time. We’re 1 sledge down, the kids are cold, wet & hungry but still out playing & Mr Frosty is still looking good as the final flakes fall from the sky.

Have been following this forum for nearly 2yrs & would have joined up earlier during the Beast from the East if it were not for having to have our beloved 12yr old dog put to sleep literally just as the 1st flakes began to fall. My heart wasn’t in it then?

Fast forward nearly a year now, we have a new pup to enjoy the snow & make memories with. 

I won’t pretend I know much about the weather models or be able to participate much in that side of the discussion but I’m a kid at heart when it comes to weather like snow & thunderstorms & look forward to sharing what’s happening in my location & A GIN/WINE/BEER on occasions with you all... I’m not fussy!?

Promise not to talk so much all the time too ~haha~ but can’t believe Calne was in the sweet spot again this time (Had given up hope & gone to bed well early yesterday after a day of radar/forum/app watching and literally 1/2hr later...BOOM!?☃️)

To future weather watching with you all... Cheers?



Hi welcome to the forum looks like you had lots of snow and enjoyed it! I'm new as well but have also followed the forum for years. ?

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Just now, Singing in the Snow said:

Wow! Please blow some of it to Poole and Bournemouth. Snowing lightly here but hoping for something more substantial.?

Hehe, don’t think I’ve the puff for that! Eased off again now, hoping for more but we will see. Avidly watching radar!

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20 minutes ago, Blizzardof82 said:

I've started look at the 12zs for the next chase ???

I took a nosey into the MAD thread but by the sounds of things at the moment not a lot to look forward to 

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