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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 01/12/2018 Onwards

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2 hours ago, Andy Bown said:

We cleared a tabletop surface at 09.30 to use the snow for our snowman and it’s got a fresh 3 inches since then! Nearing 10 inches in total.

Getting heavier again after a brief respite. The weather makes mugs of us all, forecasters and amateurs and computer models alike.

Absoloutely spot on with that post Andy. 

Has PINTS ( as reckon they had a couple )West said anything where they got it wrong ? 

10inches here too. 

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Nice little walk with the hound.

Beautiful looking up towards Peek Tor on Dartmoor this morning ❄❄❄

Guys good luck today -As they say one mans loss is another mans gain - well for once in the UK the south & SW are going to gobble up the Norths snow ? Someone in North Devon / Somerset / Wilt

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33 minutes ago, CheesepuffScott said:

Heavy thick snow coming down now!



Yes lovely, really pleased to see your getting loads of snow whilst I sit here with out a flake.

congratulations *chokes*


only joking, looks great, we had plenty last night so all good ?

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22 minutes ago, Glenosnow said:

Stormforce beka..........an inch left in the back garden.....but nowt laying....but temp steadily dropping from 2.1 to 1.6 in the last 20 mins.

Have you got much left in winch?

No just the pics above. Mostly gone really. HEavy snow on and off now so hopefully more for you

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2 hours ago, fromey said:

It’s just relentless here, 19hrs of continuous snow

And still going now Fromey 

not much just light now but still going 

had a great time at whatcombe hill in blizzard conditions

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Loved looking through the pics from all of you who got good snow yesterday and overnight, it was a really fun system to watch unfold, not to mention frustrating at times. We ended up with a few cm's which has mostly faded and after a wintry mix of rain and sleet we're now having moderate to heavy snow which is, surprisingly, settling a little despite the sog.

Temps dropping quickly.

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My sister says it's snowing moderately where she is, in Bournemouth. She has better elevation than me though, she lives at the top of a block of flats.

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