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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 01/12/2018 Onwards

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3 minutes ago, Frosty hollows said:


I lived on them before as a child. Okay but only around 150 - 200m and abit too far southeast really. Dont want to move back to south east.

I lived in high wycombe.

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I've decided to upgrade WXSIM to the pro version, as I am starting to understand it better. Not only that, I have just spent a couple of hours putting almost 3 years worth of temp/wind/humidity/dew point/rain data in to a CSV file. He is (author of software) going to go through it all and add necessary biases to the files. It should improve the forecasts a lot, because of the microclimate conditions that can occur here. Because I live close to the coast, the majority of forecasts tend to underestimate low temperatures during cold weather, and underestimate high temps during hot weather. With my data added to the files, it'll help overcome those biases. 😄

Costs a few rupees to do it, but it's worth it!

Have I missed anything?

5mm of rain here with a temp of 5.8°C.

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23 minutes ago, Nights King said:

She takes the p... but I cant live up there alone just for weather it is daft. She wont move because of kids and schools and friends etc. She did agree that when they grow up in 5 years or so we can look at moving back to area or another elevated site. It wouldnt be easy though, not many places at all above 200m in south of england. 😥 I was looking at local area around wiltshire and there is nothing of decent elevation except cotwolds which are expensive and still quite a distance.  Probably one of only people that checks out elevation of every house looked at :whistling:

No you're not. I'm planning my escape from here (got to build a house this year, then sell it). Hubby has been well briefed and frequently warned, the only place I'll consider moving to around here is Priddy/a mile circumference, that gives an altitude anywhere between 260-300 meters  😉  Streetmap.co.uk is fantastic for checking elevation.

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