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November 2018 Stats

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November 2018


Max Temp: 16.3°C (5th Nov)

Min Temp: -0.4°C (27th Nov)

Mean Max: 12.0°C

Mean Min: 6.9°C

Air Frosts: 1


Total: 109.0mm

Wettest Day: 30.0mm  (10th Nov)

Max Rain Rate: 115.2mm/hr  (10th Nov)

Rain Days: 18

Dry Days: 12


Highest: 1028.35 hPa  (2nd Nov)

Lowest: 990.69 hPa (9th Nov)


Days with snow falling: 0

Days with snow lying: 0



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November 2018 ended a run of two consistently cold, dry and sunny November’s. After a cold and frosty first few days after a cold spell in October the month was predominantly unsettled and mild with a few colder days. Although midmonth had a spell where it was dry and sunny and very mild which made it feel springlike. It was the warmest, wettest and dullest November since 2015.


Mean maximum: 10.6.C (+1.3.C)

Mean minimum: 4.5.C (+2.2.C)

Mean: 7.6.C (+1.8.C)

Rainfall: 115mm (147%)

Sunshine: 49 hours (88%)


Highest maximum: 15.8.C (15th)

Highest Minimum: 9.3.C (7th)

Lowest maximum: 4.6.C (26th)

Lowest minimum: -3.4.C (2nd)

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