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SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

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Best of luck to the SE gang tonight ?

Evening All, I hope other Members have no objection but just wanted to post up a Wintry Slideshow, for our Kentish Members. But I hope all Members will enjoy these very Wintry photos, from around

Best of luck yo you guys and girls in the South. Don't give up hope if it starts as rain. It rained here for about 2 hours now it's heavy snow. You should be good for a few cms also as it's very heavy

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2 hours ago, TomSE12 said:

Hi Bricriu,

How about a March snowfall like this one? 




I recommend reading about the March 1970 snowfall, on Trevor Harley's enjoyable - The British Weather, website. There are some  excellent "stats", about that month. on there.

Let's hope for a similar snowy spell, to that one!! :whistling:


Tom. :hi:

Hello Tom,

That would do nicely. Can you make it happen:) I will read that article you mentioned. Thanks.

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Yesterday started clear then clouded over for a while. Turned clear again in the evening. This morning it was frosty again, now it's a clear day so far. 

What happened to it being cloudy all weekend?

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It truly is the most fantistic weather day light blue skies with a but of high cloud a real useable day here and it looks set fair for the week. Can we hold onto this for the cup final weekend. Perhaps a chelsea win to boot. Doubting it though!!!! My tickets arrived yesterday cant wait oh and the man utd game tomorrow night should be fun. 

Back to the weather and this winter really is another learning curve in trying to understand the weather and ssw. Doesnt always mean our little island will be in the right place. 

Must add a huge thanks to @TomSE12 for such fun posts and enjoyment given tuis winter reading his posts. No real snow depth cup to speak of this year? butbthe stories and photos have been great. 

Now roll on the spring. Never seen point of excitement of transient snow in march despite the beast from the east. 

More likely lookingbat the models the sun from south... we shall see

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Bi fold doors half open today from 1pm and still open. 

Cleaned the car, house windows open and dogs loving the warmth feel in an out from the garden all day. 

How incredible we are substituting cold and snow for sun & warmth on 17th Feb instead of soaking wet Atlantic crap.

Darren Mild Bett, emphasising the warmth pumping up from the canaries come Thursday onwards, I’ll take that if no snow is in the forecast.  Apart from light rain chance tomorrow - the week ahead looks dry across our region.. wonderful! 

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7 hours ago, Uxbridge90 said:

Some fantastic weather the last few days, glad winter has finally done one, looks like we could be pushing 17/18 c, maybe even warmer next week - incredible compared to where we were at this point last year. 

Done one ?? did it ever actually arrive ??

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1 hour ago, Ed Stone said:

Someone must have used it? ?


1 hour ago, Wimbledon88 said:

Probably been deleted mate. Just like my mock 16-30 day Met Outlook earlier today. 

Humour will not be tolerated forthwith. ? 

This site is having a serious sense of humour bypass, it's the weather fgs

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