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SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

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Best of luck to the SE gang tonight ?

Evening All, I hope other Members have no objection but just wanted to post up a Wintry Slideshow, for our Kentish Members. But I hope all Members will enjoy these very Wintry photos, from around

Best of luck yo you guys and girls in the South. Don't give up hope if it starts as rain. It rained here for about 2 hours now it's heavy snow. You should be good for a few cms also as it's very heavy

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1 hour ago, throwoff said:

Just woke up, that’s a disappointing view out of the window...!

Same even some melt going on.

at 1am I had an inch and now it’s virtually gone just a dusting left and melted on some surfaces. Shame but great to see some areas done pretty well. An interesting night 

EDIT: it’s melting because it’s raining . 

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Woke up and to be honest, slightly disappointed.

Light snow still here in RP.  Slight covering here - probably 1cm.

There has been an ongoing melt through much of the night, otherwise, the depth would have been much greater   A combination of the UHI and a lack of elevation has done for us here in SW London.


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Im not looking outside,I have a feeling alot has melted,dew point above freezing,along with the temp,was lovely watching it fall,and 1 day,we will all have an epic snowstorm that sticks around longer than a few hours,im going to bed

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Looked out the Window here in Ashford.

Snow everywhere! (but not here it seems ;-))

What little did lay is melting like mad. What's all that about?

This event, like many others, was hardly worth the ramping, hyping that went before it.

In a word: C R A P if you are a snow lover. ? There's my moan. Off to bed shortly and expect it to be gone by 10am. Doh!

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