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Temperatures in winter

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A true greenland block that we haven't seen for a while, I was wondering what are the rough maximum temperatures  you'd expect in each month of the year they happen?

To start, I'd guess 8-9 degrees in late October, 6 degrees in early-mid November, 2 degrees in Early December (was that the rough maxima in December 2010? And mainly ice days from mid December to Mid February?

I guess, the main point, I'm making through this, is at what point does extensive northern blocking become "useful". No longer what some would call a waste. That which will give a decent week long snow event, not a morning of wet snow like in late October 2008 (I think it was 08). Can anyone remember a week long snow event in Mid November from extensive northern blocking centred on Greenland?

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Late 2010 was good, especially late November into December that year. Apart from the snow, I remember just how cold it was that month. And at the time, I remember only 1995 being the last time December was very cold, although 2009 and parts of 96, 2001 and 2005 were chilly Decembers. 2010, 95 and 81 stand out as the most severe.

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