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Replacement ultrasonic anemometer for Davis VP2

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I am considering replacing my standard issue Davis anemometer (which connects to my Vantage Pro 2) with a compatible ultrasonic one, before it inevitably fails at some point.

I am looking at the LCJ Ultrasonic anemometer - https://www.weatherstations.co.uk/lcj-ultrasonic-anemometer.htm

I have not read any reviews yet from users, could really do with some sort of feedback before I consider taking the plunge.

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I cannot give you advice on that product itself, but I have had experience with two other ultrasonic anemometers and unfortunately, despite complicated algorithms to prevent misreadings, they all suffer with a similar problem.. if water droplets stick to the underneath of the unit, where the transducers are, you'll get bizarre wind readings. Sometimes, wind speeds go ridiculously high or low and wind direction will end up being wrong, too. It will rectify itself if it occurs, but it may take several hours. 
Several companies are looking in to adding hydrophillic (not hydrophobic) coatings which flatten drops of liquid and sheds them faster, lessening the chances of rogue anomalies in wind speed and direction data.

I've gotten through 3 Davis anemometers in 2 years but i'd sooner stick to them to be honest.

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"Underneath" I assume you mean on the underside of the top surface.

Think I might hold back for now then.

I have seen images of ultrasonic anemometers that are four tubes facing each other with no top surface - I guess they are not likely to sufer this problem? None available "Davis compatible" so far as I can see though.

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