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September data

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Unable to find the usual monthly sheet so mods please move if necessary-thanks

Cantley Weather summary for September 2018


My wettest September with the second highest 24 hour total in any month, 56.0 on the 20 th. Only June 2007 had one day with more. (The Sheffield and Doncaster floods).

Also the first below average temperature since March even with a very warm first 3 days.


Mean=14.5 (15.4)

Avge Max=19.5 (19.7) hottest day=2nd with 27.6 and the coldest was 21 st with 13.2

Avge Min=9.4 (11.1) the coldest night 2.8 on 25 th and the warmest night 19 th with 14.7


Rainfall 80.8 with 56.0 the wettest 24 hours on 20th; 11 days with 0.2 mm or or more and 4 with 1.0 mm or more.


No thunder, fog, frost, hail or snow.

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20 minutes ago, johnholmes said:


No thunder, fog, frost, hail or snow.

really - no snow at 100m in South Yorkshire in sept????

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A rather unsettled and quite cool month. It was the coldest September in my area since 2012. A warm start was then replaced by unsettled and often windy weather, the gust of 67mph on the 19th made it my strongest wind gust since December 2011 and strongest in September. Before the month ended on a cold and windy note.


Mean maximum: 16.0.C (-0.6.C)

Mean minimum: 8.3.C (-0.5.C)

Mean: 12.2.C (-0.6.C)

Rainfall: 82mm (104%)

Sunshine: 129 hours (106%)


Highest maximum: 21.9.C (2nd)

Highest Minimum: 13.3.C (1st/2nd)

Lowest maximum: 10.7.C (29th)

Lowest Minimum: 0.3.C (26th)

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